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Blackbox Modem

Ultimate distributed stock monitoring and control system

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Blackbox Modem features a built-in GSM Modem that provides SMS (text) messages in response to low level or re-fill points, meaning you can monitor stocks across a site, a city, or a country and plan you transport efficiently, save time and money, and most importantly, keep your customers happy.

Blackbox Modem features superb digital echo processing to give reliable level measurement over anything from 125mm (0.41ft) to 40m (130ft) on solids, powders or liquids, making it perfect for measurement of almost any kind of bulk material.

Blackbox Modem is available in 4 versions:

Modem Level 130 - features 4-20mA output for local display of level

Modem Level Control 133 - offers two mechanical relays (Type C, 230V 2A SPDT) for alarm or control functions

Modem Level Comms 134 and 135 - with Modbus or Profibus DP V0 or V1 digital communications on-board

Blackbox Modem Software

Two software packages are available: 1) PC Suite which provides set-up facilities for the unit and allows the user to fully set up the unit, view echo profiles and perform diagnostics checks and 2) SMS Server is specifically designed for collating SMS data from multiple units in the field. Use Pulsar GSM Modem at a PC to receive and record the data.


Software available to support this product:-

PC Software Suite


SMS Server

PC Software Suite   SMS Server


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  • Stock monitoring and control
  • Solids, powders and solids level measurement


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